BA-VA Series

Various Control Systems are available for applications in the area of dosing technology and for protecting pumps, We offer individual components for control as well as complete control panels to enable our clients a convenient and effective control system.

ROTOMACTM Dry Running protection device (TSE)

Rotomac DRP(TSE) is a very important accessory for Progressive cavity screw pumps, it is a critical device which can help avoid any case of dry running of the pump and damage to the stator.

The device consists of carefully calibrated temperature sensor which detects the sudden increase in temperature caused due to excess friction when dry running occurs in the pump, this sensor is connected to a control panel which cuts of the power to the prime mover at the pre-set temperature thereby safeguarding the pump from any damage.


We offer a variety of gauges generally used with the pumping system for the constant measuring and monitoring. Such as Pressure Gauges ,Vaccum gauges & differential gauges)

These gauges are important for dynamic characteristic systems and should be a part of the whole package

The selection of these gauges vary from process to process and application to application

Safety Relief valve

The Safety Relief valve (SRV) is a type of valve used to control or limit the pressure in a system or vessel which can build up by a process upset, instrument or equipment failure.

Our carefully designed valves are extremely robust in nature and are designed to suit our pump systems

Pressure Switches

Pressure switches are employed along with our pump systems to protect it from excess pressure build-up . A pressure switch is a form of switch that closes an electrical contact when a certain set pressure has been reached. This protects the system from over pressurisation or when the pressure reaches too low for it’s capability.

Proximity Switches

These sensors can be used in the pump installation to protect the pump form dry running , these switches cut off the power to the prime mover when these sensors do not sense media entering the suction chamber , hence protecting the pump from damage.